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I have joined as an Assistant Professor of Risk and Environmental Studies at Karlstad University in March 2019. My teaching career started in Germany in 2012, when I joined University of Münster as an academic tutor. I mostly teach Climate Change and Sustainability, Environmental Risks and Geographic Information Systems and related courses. Since 2012, I have delivered more than 100 lectures and seminars at four German and Swedish universities. I have already obtained formal pedagogical training from the “Higher Education Teaching Centre” of University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany in 2013. Meanwhile, I have also completed the supervision of five master’s and diploma, and one Ph.D. theses, and currently (co)supervising one Ph.D. thesis.

I have also taught and instructed in several international programs and workshops. I am one of the core organizers of four summer schools on “Spatial Ecotoxicology” supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). I have instructed in the “Spatial Ecology” workshop at the 9th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences (SEFS). I lectured as a sustainability expert at the Global Solutions Program, organized by Google Inc. in the NASA Research Park, San Francisco, USA in 2017.

Grid Image During the lecture at the Global Solutions Program in NASA Research Park in 2017. Image credit: Sonika Manandhar.

My teaching philosophy is "problem-based learning". I encourage students to understand and analyze the problem in depth before delving into solutions. I design my teaching activities relying on Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO), but also with a focus on developing critical thinking among students. I try to update my teaching practice and content according to modern theories of teaching in higher education and follow up-to-date pedagogic literature for the purpose. My teaching activities promote course materials, exercises, and focus on continuous feedback and enabling communication and cooperation among course participants. In essence, now I am in between a lecturer and facilitator in my classrooms but aim to become a complete facilitator in my teaching career. To learn more about my teaching plan, research and activities, please visit the About page of this website.

I am excited about the reviews on this portfolio that I have developed as a part of my development as a teacher. I am grateful to Tomas Jansson, the course instruction of AUPU2, other participants and colleagues, Magnus Johansson, the Director of Studies in Risk and Environmental Studies discipline and Max Hansson, the other fellow teacher of CCGA01: Nordic Climate Change Studies course, for their valuable input to this portfolio.

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