Dr. Avit Bhowmik | Environmental Scientist · Climate Solutionist

A planetary recovery

With an unprecedented impact on the planet Earth, the human race is about to wake up the sleeping giants, crossing tipping points in crucial processes that regulate balance of the entire planetary system. If this enacts, there is strong scientific evidence that the Earth might turn uninhabitable for humans, as the global temperature may rise as much as by 8 degree Celsius and the sea level may grow 60 meters higher. Moreover, the complexity theory suggests that tackling these extreme environmental changes will require an unprecedented level of social complexity, high level of complex institutions and organization, which human race might fail to achieve (2). All these suggest that a future world without humans is a possibility!

What would be a planet Earth without human like? If we ought to design for that planet, how would the sketch be? I wrote an essay for Beckmans Design Collaboration 2020 catalog. Read more here.